Thursday, January 26, 2012

Greetings From the Ground Floor!

I should probably rename my blog as we haven't lived in the attic for several months now! We are currently empty nesters, if you don't count the extra cat we inherited from my mom. But that is a different story...

Something rather disturbing brings me out to blogland today. There is something unnaturaly nice about the people that surround me in the general public these days.

I was in the checkout at Costco today, and while I was in the process of running my debit card through, the checker (who should have been sitting in a classroom somewhere), felt the need to suggest: "Just press that button, Honey."


I'm reasonably sure she doesn't call everyone who goes through her line, "Honey." And why didn't she think I knew to press a lousy button? I go to Costco multiple times a month for the free samples and I press that same button every time!

This might not be so upsetting if it were the first time something like this has happened.

Just a few days ago we returned from a wonderful vacation, a cruise, where voyagers tend to eat themselves into oblivion. As I was making my way through a buffet line, a cute little Phillipino girl approached me with a tray and wanted to assist me. I looked at her and said that I really didn't need any help. "Oh, no, I insist!" she said, following me through the line, putting my selections on her tray, and then following me to my table. As I sat eating my dinner, I watched her repeat this with several women who were, shall we say, "of a certain age." None of them were amused.

Don't call me, "Honey."
Don't try to help me with my dinner.
And above all, don't try to take my arm as we cross the street, unless you are Kevin!

But, if you want to give me a senior citizens discount, I'll take it every time, Honey.

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