Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back to the Beginning III

Gus was so fat that people would stop and stare when they saw him; their jaws would drop. We tried to put him on a diet, to no avail. He couldn't even jump up on our bed anymore. At night, he would stand there looking sad until one of us picked him up. Then, he would walk across our stomachs, looking for a comfortable spot. He was so heavy, it felt like he was poking holes in us with his feet.

One day, Kevin had a "great" idea: Gus needed a kitten to pester him and run the weight off of him! He just happened to know a family whose cat had a new litter. With many misgivings, I agreed to not only one kitten, but two! One short hair and one long hair. They came with the usual promises that I would never have to scoop the litter box, etc. Right.

When we brought the newly weaned kittens home, they saw Gus lying on his side in the living room, swollen belly and all. They literally ran to him, nuzzling his stomach with their little faces and kneading it with their paws. When they found what they were looking for, they each latched on. Of course they got nothing, but they didn't stop trying for two weeks, at which time Gus had had enough and let them know it in no uncertain terms...

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The Coxes said...

I definitely remember the kittens trying to nurse Gus. It probably caused some gender confusion. :)